Hello, call me KD

I am a project manager who can also create web applications.

Check out some of my work and feel free to get in touch.


Your digital projects deserve to be made whole - visual, compelling, and useful.

As a project manager and web developer with years of experience in complex multimedia projects, interdisciplinary task management, and a technology-first approach - I am eager to take your concepts from the whiteboard to the world wide web.

Originally from Portland, Oregon, I've spent the last decade criss-crossing the continent from New York City to Los Angeles to Mexico City, learning the entertainment industry, large scale event production, good design practice, and modern computer programming.

Art, justice, movies, journalism, and the future are all things we can talk about. 🚀🎷🌎

Skills & Interests

Modern JavaScript
Data Structures
Adobe CS
Test Driven Development
Copy Writing
Mobile Apps


1 / 5
🥪 Smart Shopper
Meat Cheese Bread

Team-developed project completed while part of The Collab Lab Winter 2021 Cohort. A React PWA bootstrapped with Firestore, deployed to Netlify. The focus of this project was most importantly about collaboration and the inclusion of all voices through best practice workflows with weekly tickets, grooming, and feedback from Senior Devs.

React PWAGit WorkflowCollaborationFirestore
📊 Native + Agile
Brio Mobile

An anti-doldrum motivator - a mobile app that will intake new users and suggest actionable goals and remove roadblocks that can get in the way of ever starting good habits. Using various API's to integrate with the apps you already love like Spotify, the app combines an array of microservices into a gamified cycle of inventive to-do's and habit tracking. ‘Brio’ was developed during an 8 week full time agile internship at EyeCue Lab and was built with React Native, Node.js, Redux Saga, Expo, and Styled Components.

React NativeStyled ComponentsMicroservicesExpo
🎓 Capstone + Discovery

dotGain aims to be a reliable place to gather and view art that has been made around social justice movements and then provide those who wish to support those artists and independent print shops with their business rather than FedEx or other corporate outlets. Bootstrapped with Gatsby and created to take advantage of a content mesh using microservices from various APIs and GraphQL to show a number of concepts including agile development, modern content management, and eCommerce solutions.

Headless CMSGatsbyGoogle MapsShopify
🏹 AI + Language
What's That Thing?

This web app takes image files from anywhere on the internet via URL and uses Microsoft’s Azure AI Cloud Services to interpret the given image for object confidence. WTT then also uses Google’s Language Translator API to translate those search results in 109 languages.

API IntegrationMachine LearningC#.NET
🌇 Latinx Celebration
Portland Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

A year round continuous development cycle, 15+ core team members, 200+ volunteers, 70,000 attendees, Oregon's largest multicultural festival. A 35 year+ legacy brand with deep cultural impact. A multimillion dollar project interfacing with multiple levels of city and state government, internationally recognizable brands, and AAA media. Double duty as a lead event producer through partnerships and chief digital media strategist.


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